Wingtech offers a comprehensive sail repair service for all types of wings. Hopefully, you'll never need our repair services, but if you do we'll make it as easy & painless as possible.

Sometimes stuff happens.

 When your hang glider, microlight or ultralight sail suffers damage, be assured that Wingtech will do our level best to get you back in the air fast.

 We've been repairing sails for as long as gravity has sucked and the ground has been hard. We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality workmanship when doing any work on aircraft sails. Whether it's a sail we've made, or something else, we will give your wing the attention and care it deserves. We can also advise on best options regarding value when your wing is damaged. In some cases, sail replacement can be a wiser choice than repairing. We'll do our best to lay out the options for you so that you can make the best choice. We perform a Bettsometer test on all sails prior to starting repair work and factor the results into our advice to you. Some sail damage can look insignificant but may still compromise the integrity of the wing. If you need advice we recommend you email some photos (low resolution please). We can then contact you with a better idea of what to do next. You will find our email address on the Contact page.

Please take all damage to aircraft sails seriously and never attempt to fly a damaged wing.