A clean sail is a happy sail.

Set the wing up as normal, on a still day, on a grassy or clean area.

Arrange it standing on the base bar with the nose down.

Wet the wing down with clean water then, working from tip to nose, use warm soapy water and a SOFT dust pan brush to gently remove the dirt.

Rinse off thoroughly with clean water. Don’t forget to hose the inside of the sail as well.

Most dirt will come out this way.

Allow the sail to dry in the shade before folding it up.

If the frame is damaged and the wing can no longer be set up as normal, try removing the sail from the frame then hanging the sail up. Use the webbings that hold the leading edge ends at the tips and the nose tangs as anchor points. This should be enough to keep the sail off the ground while you clean and dry it.

Avoid using pressure washers or stiff brushes to clean your sail. These can damage the cloth by blasting out the resins in the weave or scuffing the surface. Use a soft brush only.

Also avoid harsh cleaning materials or solvents.

A good rule of thumb is “If you wouldn’t use it on your skin, don’t use it on your sail.”