Wingtech is here to help.

Wingtech is an Australian sailmaking company.

Since 1990 we have been designing, producing and repairing sails and skins for hang gliders, microlights and ultralights. Most of our production goes to Airborne and through them to almost every country in the world. If you're flying an Airborne aircraft, you're flying a Wingtech sail. 



We take great pride in the quality of the sails we produce and work hard to bring you the very best workmanship available...anywhere. 

WINGTECH can help you...

  • If you need a trike sail repaired
  • If you need a hang glider sail repaired
  • If you need an ultralight skin repaired or replaced
 And Wingtech is not solely limited to aircraft work. We are happy to help with any project that can benefit from our attention. Anything plotted, sewn or fabric welded, that requires a high degree of accuracy and repeatability is within our sphere of interest. If you think we may be able to help you with your product or idea, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Find our details on the contact page.