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  Our long history in aviation sailmaking (since 1985) means you can rely on Wingtech to do the job right. We know the fabrics, we know the processes and we know the importance of a good set of skins.

In aviation there is no room for 2nd best.

Wingtech's solid reputation for high quality workmanship makes us the only serious choice for making your new skins. You can have total confidence that your new skins will look great, will fit well and add value to your aircraft.




Your new skins will be made using the best fabrics, the best tools and the best workmanship. Everything we use, from our CAD design system to our computer controlled fabric plotter/cutter, our assembly techniques, our sewing machines, and even the layout of our sail-loft, is aimed at producing accurate, safe and reliable skins.

No matter what type of rag and bone aircraft you fly, Wingtech can help when it comes to skins. We already have the following aircraft on file with more to come...

  • X-AIR HANUMAN (new for 2018)
  • X-AIR-f
  • X-AIR-std
  • COYOTE S-6 II (new for 2018)
  • DRIFTER (Wire & strut braced)
If you need something else, please get in touch. Patterns can be generated from your old skins.

And we do more than just the skins. Talk to us about registration numbers, custom colour schemes and repair work. It's all possible with Wingtech.

All day, every day, we make skins for aircraft.  It's not a hobby, it's our full time job.

E-mail us now for a written quote at wingtechsails@gmail.com