Wingtech stock and sell a range of materials for patching minor damage.Use these when a sewn repair is not required to maintain the structural integrity of the sail.

HI-TACK, PREMIUM GRADE INSIGNIA patch material is suitable for small repairs where sewing is not necessary.
It can also be used to create logos and artwork for your sail.
Cutting is easily done with scissors or craft knives and the grid on the back helps with keeping shapes square.

Keep some in your kit for in-the-field repairs after eagle strikes or hanger rash.

Colour range is Black, Fluro Orange, Red, Yellow, White, Fluro Yellow, Green, Blue.

Also available is an ADHESIVE BACKED CLEAR MYLAR which is ideal for patching small, non-structural damage to sails made of laminated materials with mylar on the outer layer. Priceless for keeping moisture from penetrating the laminate after damage.

Both the insignia cloth and clear mylar are available in A4 sized sheets.
$15 each for one
$12.50 each for two
$10 each for three or more
(Prices include GST and postage within Australia)